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I am a visual media artist. I enjoy creating art using a variety of materials such as painting, drawing, photography, video, filmmaking, design, crafts and illustration.

I started playing around with Adobe Photoshop as a hobby in the 10th grade. I cannot explain why, but as soon as I clicked that little magic wand - I knew I never wanted to stop! Since that fateful day, I have significantly sharpened my media skills and ‘fine-tuned’ my artistic focus to uniquely master my ‘passion of pride.’

In 2011, I started working for my local church fellowship as an administrative assistant. Within a few brief months, congregational leadership had discovered that, not only did I know my way around photoshop; but I was also quite proficient at the creation & implementation of all other updated media needs. That my friends, began the genesis of my graphic design career!

Well after my design days with the Church office, I continued to challenge myself with new software functionality and made sure to stay up to date with all of the new product features associated within the ever-growing Photoshop application. By the end of 2017, I had proudly begun mastering Adobe Illustrator.

Today, I can proudly say that my persistence to learning and wholesome dedication has finally paid off. I currently work at my dream job as the Creative Director for St. Nick's Christmas Lighting & Décor. What’s even more exciting? I have recently launched my freelance business, Stephie.Design 

My media-creation model is primarily targeted for mid-level entrepreneurs and small businesses, as I offer easy platform web-site layout (WIX and Squarespace and some WordPress), logo creation, social media photography, and cohesive graphic design. Basically, I am a one-stop-shop for all of one’s ‘digitally generated’ needs.


As an intrinsically imaginative spirit, being stuck at a job that did not allow me to fully tap into my creative juices often left me feeling severely suffocated and unfulfilled. I have faced many internal struggles before finding the confidence to step into who I am as a creative professional.  At first, I unfairly doubted myself and always felt like I didn’t have the “right” to call myself a designer or photographer.

Although it took fifteen years, I have that confidence now and I’m never looking back!


Will you be my next Design Journey Co-Pilot? I promise you it will be better than you ever imagined.



ART + DESIGN BY STEPHANIE is the go-to creative designer for all entrepreneurs and small businesses who require a visually stunning public presence for their company. ART + DESIGN BY STEPHANIE specializes in superior service & customer satisfaction by placing each client's needs as priority #1. At ART + DESIGN BY STEPHANIE, a completion deadline has never been missed, nor a bad review ever posted. 

Services Include: logo creation, web design, social media management, website photography (which includes portrait, lifestyle, and product photography), graphic generation, and various other design services.


A Personal Touch:

What sets me apart from the rest of the pack is that I relentlessly aim to bring your grandest design concepts to life. I am a true visionary empath, and thoroughly enjoy creating what other's "see" in their minds but cannot say. Don't worry, I can see your ideas just by speaking with you!

Working with each new client uniquely; I will fully Visualize, Strategize, and Realize all of your design dreams into digital reality. 


PHONE: 562.685.6496

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