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“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.” —Paul Rand

The power of having a perfect logo is the ability for the consumer to hear your company name and visualize your logo! Let's work together to create the logo you need for your brand. 

Copy of Launch It Brand identity board.jpg

Los Amigos

Objective: Client is gym with a focus on strength and fitness. The owners of the gym had a vision in mind that combined fitness and sugar skulls (from dia de los muertos). After initial sketches, the client was very excited with the final logo!

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 9.28.02 PM.png
Champion Elite - Brand Board.jpg

Champion Elite

Objective: Client is an online personal trainer. 

The client had in mind that she wanted a crown in the logo, as well as a logo that was both feminine and strong. 

Launch it!

Objective: Client is a small business coach. 

The goal of the logo was to create a creative, eye catching logo that represented the mission of Launch it!; which is to help small business owners and/or potential entrepreneurs to dream big and launch! 

Revised_Logo 2 - CG.jpg

Final Logo

Initial Design Concepts

Initial Design Concepts