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“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." -- Edward de Bono

A couple of weeks ago, as friends and I were driving home from a comedy show, one friend noticed me staring out the window and asked, “so, are you always looking at places and thinking if it would be a good spot to take photos?”

I chuckled and told her that yes, I’m always looking around at great places for portraits, or observing how the light is hitting an object and thinking how great it would be to photograph it and possibly draw it later. It dawned on me that I’m always doing this, and that it isn’t something everyone does.

It kind of took me by surprise and I thought to ask her “don’t you do the same thing??” But before I could, she answered my question before I could speak it and said “wow, that’s really cool. I wish I looked at things like that!” In that moment, I felt really blessed because I couldn't imagine looking at the world and finding beauty in the most odd places.

Once, walking through a museum in LA to go to a museum, I saw a young boy laughing and following behind his father with an umbrella as they passed by this beautiful building. The little boy was perfectly framed by two trees, and I snapped a photo! Had I not been looking around me, aware of my surroundings I could easily have missed it!

One of my favorite photos I've taken was of my friend and her two kids. She was bathing her baby girl with one hand and consoling her son in a hug with her free arm. And I just thought, “how beautiful! Motherhood in action,“ and I took a photo (below).

Capturing candidate is so much fun! Definitely makes you think outside of the box and makes you more aware of what’s going on around you!

Take some time one day, people watch, and grab some (non-creepy) candids! You’d be surprised at the life that’s occurring around you; life changing moments can be happening as you walk to your car from the coffee shop!

and it’s always fun when you happen to get unexpected great photos just by paying attention to all the things no one else is!

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