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Getting those Christmas Photos! (phone edition)

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Christmas is almost here and that means a LOT of photos near the Christmas tree and with Christmas lights as the backdrop! 

Most of us count on the magical technology of our smartphones to do all of the work and capture the splendor of the backdrop AND of us, but it doesn’t always work out so great! 

Here are a few tips I have for you when taking your Christmas photos with your phones! (I’ll also share some tips on Friday on how to take photos with your camera.)

TURN OFF YOUR FLASH!! I know! Most people think, “but the flash will help!” You may get lucky and the flash may get you an ok photo, but photographing christmas lights with the flash with take away the magical feel of the christmas lights and create a flat and boring photo! So just turn it off! 

Flash No flash No flash, adjustments

Play with your phone settings:

Did you know that by tapping an object on your phone you can adjust the exposure BEFORE snapping the pic? (I included a link to a video below that explains a lot of this as well). This means you can adjust if you have family in the photos or if its just an awesome light display and you want to capture all the glory of Christmas! 

Get creative and try different angles! 

Make your photos interesting and try using your surroundings! 

It can be frustrating at first, trying to get the perfect shot, in focus, with the right ambiance, but keep trying! 

I also suggest downloading my favorite photo-editing app, Snapseed! Play with the app and you’ll end up with some really great photos! (snapseed quick-tutorial for Christmas photos coming soon).

Feel free to email me with questions or for suggestions. 

Hope this helps!!

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