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Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas is in 5 days!

I can hardly believe it!

I wrote a post earl this week on how to get the best Christmas light photos using your phone, today I want to share some pointers when using your camera/DSLR!

I’ve included a link to a super helpful and more in-depth article on how to take great photos! Here I’ll give you the quick run-down!

You want to try to keep your ISO low (start at 400), the higher you go, the more grainy your photos will come out! The slower your shutter speed (exposure) the better photo you’ll likely get, but, keep in mind that slower shutter speed means you will need a more steady hand, or preferably a tripod if you have one! And lastly, use the lowest aperture your lens will allow you!

Although I have known most of this for some time now, it was interesting to relearn and adjust my knowledge while in the field photographing the light displays created and installed by the awesome Christmas company I work for! One thing I learned is that all of the articles you read and YouTube videos you watch, they’re all more of a starting point rather than a rule book! The only rule is to not get stuck in auto mode; get to know manual mode, play with your settings and discover what works for you, your camera, and your subject!!

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