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"One of the directors is here"

My first season as the Creative Director for St. Nick's Christmas Lighting

& Décor is coming to a close and it was quite the whirlwind! 10+ hour days, and I found my self elbow deep in Christmas trees, fluffing and decorating! It was exhilarating, stressful, tiring, and amazing!

Currently, my role as the creative director has me driving from central California to San Diego photographing our new client projects and our biggest projects. It is so amazing to see the beauty of all the hard work from this season.

Today I ventured to The Music Center in Los Angeles! WOW! Simply beautiful!

Funny story, I went to the security desk to check in to get privileges to photograph the interior entrance of the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion. While there, the security guard called his manager on the walkie-talkie and said, "We have one of the directors here. From St. Nick's!"

My initial thought was "oooh. I wonder who is here...." then I realized that director was me!! It is still taking some getting use to that I am a creative director!!

Since April, I have been blessed to use all of my creative skills for a Christmas company in the city i was born and raised in! This has all been a dream come true! A goal achieved. A plan fully executed! But this is just the beginning!! And I am excited for 2020!!

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