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Phone Edit #1

I get the opportunity to take nice walks during my lunch break, and thankfully I am walking distance from the beach and I come across interesting characters and great photo opportunities.

Yesterday on my walk toward Shoreline Village in Long Beach, CA I came across this Muslim family taking a little trip to look at the boats. As one of the women were walking it caught my eye at the beauty of her dark clothes in contrast to the bright colors of Shoreline Village and the summer sun.

I took this photo:

Not that great of a photo at first glance.

The color doesn't do much. Flat, contrast and exposure is off. Very plain photo. not to mention the cropping!

So I opened up one of my favorite editing apps, Snapseed

This is is the photo I created:

(video below of the edit)

I changed the following:

- Contrast was increased

- Exposure slightly increased

- Saturation of the photo increased

- And I used my favorite editing option: Ambiance

This option adjusts the exposure, contrast, saturation, and shadow and highlight intensity all at once to create a bight or dark (depending on your photo and preference) ambiance to your photo.

I'll be posting more Quick Phone Edits! I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Snapseed and VSCO are my two favorite apps, if you're new to either and have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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